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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Cooling tower is an innovative way of heat exchange which allows air and water to come into closer contact with each other to reduce the temperature of hot water. This FRP cooling towers can be either in natural draft or induced draft. The FRP cooling towers are of moderate size and quite easy to install. The tower shell is fabricated of durable fiberglass reinforced plastic with adequate tensile rigity to withstand strong shocks and wind blows. It is environment friendly and easy to install and easy to fix from repairs and damages.These FRP Cooling towers are specially designed to disallow and reduce the heat from chillers. And these are more efficient for water cooled chillers when compared to air cooled chillers.There are several advantages for RCC Cooling Tower their system is easily accessible with high grade quality. And this cooling tower has single piece casing basin with reliable mainframe. And water distribution system and velocity recovery stack are present in this cooling tower.

FRK Cooling Tower has highly efficient water spray pump and air foil axial fan. FRK Cooling Tower is made of patented cooling module design along with factory assembly. This Cooling Tower requires less maintenance and they are easy to clean and replacement. And FRP Cooling tower is UV resistant and non corrosive and comes with high durability. These FRP cooling towers are less in weight and consumes less power and they are ideal for wet & dry operations.

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